Beginners Guide to Indoor Plants

By now we’ve all learned the many, many positive health benefits for owning and caring for indoor plants. From improving the air quality by removing toxins and reducing stress levels to helping your staff to focus better and improve their productivity, what’s stopping you from getting some indoor plants?

We know a self-confessed serial plant killer, and maybe it’s you. That’s why we’ve put an indoor plant guide together to make sure that not only are you getting the most from your indoor plants, but that they’re getting everything that they need from you!


Choosing the Right Indoor Plant For You

While it may be tempting to head straight to Bunnings and pick out the prettiest plant that matches your style and your decor, it’s important to do some research first. You’ll need to evaluate the spaces in your office to determine what kind of environment your brand new indoor plant will be living in. Before you buy…


Check the Light Levels

If you’re wanting a plant to bring life to a dark corner, you’ll need a plant that’s shade-tolerant. Look for plants that have large darker leaves like a Lady Palm, Peace Lily or a Zanzibar Gem.

If you have an area with lots of light near a window, look for plants with coloured or patterned leaves. Bromeliads, Prayer Plants and Zebra Plants will thrive in areas with lots of light!


Think About Your Time

If you know that you’re not going to have a lot of time to dedicate to your indoor garden, or just don’t trust yourself to remember – search for plants that don’t need as much attention.

Look for plants that retain water – these will have thicker, almost spongy leaves. Some of the best plants for serial plant killers are Jade Plants, Cacti, Aloe Vera or indoor palms like a Madagascar or Ponytail Palm.


What’s the Weather Like?

If you’re living in Queensland, you’ll know that areas in front of windows can get hot and humid. So you’ll have to make sure you choose a plant that can tolerate hot, humid weather.

Think about your last holiday to North Queensland and all the exotic ferns and palms you saw. These could be the best plants for your office. Try a Peace Lily, African Violet or Bird’s Nest Fern. These are plants that you can keep in areas of your office that get the most humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. Your tropical plants will thrive in these high humidity areas!



Buying a Healthy Indoor Plant

Now that you’ve figured out what plants you want to buy and where you’re going to keep them in your office, it’s time to go to a nursery and check out their selection.

We’ve all gone into a store, bought a plant only to have it die within a few days. But the good news is this may not be your fault! Sometimes when you a buy a plant it can already be sick and on it’s way out. Remember these handy tips when buying a plant…

  • Look for leaves that are yellowing or brittle. These are all signs of a plant that’s sick and may not be able to recover.
  • Read the label – double check that it’s suitable for where you’ll be keeping it. There’ll also be handling tips to keep them thriving like watering or nutrient tips.
  • Check for pests and diseases. It’s unlikely you’ll find them on plants in a nursery, but always be diligent! Check both sides of leaves for black growth that could be fungi or hungry aphids. Don’t forget to dig a little at the stem to check that it’s strong down to the roots and there’s nothing living in the soil!
  • Bigger isn’t better! A plant that’s growing very tall but thin and spindly has been deprived of light. Make sure you choose a plant that is full and strong.
  • Check the roots – if a plants’ roots are growing out of the drainage holes it could be stunted from being in a pot that’s too small for too long. Plants won’t always recover from being this stunted and stressed so it’s best to avoid.


Day to Day Plant Care

Now that you’ve bought your healthy plant, have it in the best spot for it to thrive and set yourself notifications in your phone to remember to water it, you’re almost set! Here are just a few more tips to keep your indoor plant happy and healthy for years to come!


Remove Dead, Brown or Yellowing Leaves  

Not only will this keep your plants from looking their best, but dead leaves can encourage fungi to grow or cause infection on living parts. Your plants could also be struggling to revive these leaves, taking important water and nutrients from the healthier leaves. So it could be putting your whole plant in jeopardy.


Check for Insects Regularly

Make sure bugs aren’t appreciating these plants more than you! Bugs and insects love to eat some fresh vegetation and build their homes in lush green plants. But it can hurt your plants and lead to their death so check regularly!


Keep Plants Dust-Free

Think of a plant’s leaves like skin. You make sure that your skin is clean and free of build up to avoid irritations, rashes or blemishes. The same is true for plants! Gently wipe when with a warm damp cloth regularly to keep them dust free and ensure there aren’t any nasties on those leaves!


Rotate Your Indoor Plants Regularly

Spin your plants when you water so all sides will get access to light sources or air flow so that they can grow evenly and stronger. If left, they can start to grow off-balance and not only will they start to look bizarre, if there’s not enough light it can mean that the plant can slowly die.


Prestigious Plantscapes Can Help

We know that there’s a lot here, but the hardest part is choosing your plant and getting one that’s healthy. But once the hard part is over it’s all about remember to give them a little care.

If you’re still hesitant but want to see the great benefits indoor plants can have on your office, get in touch with the friendly team at Prestigious Plantscapes and we’ll take care of your indoor plants and all their needs.

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