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Why indoor plant hire? Because indoor plants improve your bottom line.

Installing plants in your office interiors provides benefits far beyond creating a beautiful environment for your staff and customers – numerous scientific studies have confirmed more greenery in the workplace results in triple bottom line benefits – for your staff, profits and the environment.

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Some benefits of indoor plants are:

Improved air quality

Increased staff Productivity

Improved sense of wellbeing

Reduced feelings of Stress & Negativity

Reduced incidence of sick leave & rates of absence

Reduce the use of Energy

Living plants have significant health benefits.


Indoor plants clean indoor air


Why do indoor plants provide so many benefits? You’ll be surprised to learn that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor potted plants are an important aspect when wanting to improve air quality in the office. This is because interior plants are natural air purifiers, removing air pollutants and regulating humidity that can be ample in a windowless environment. The plants work to absorb carbon dioxide in the air inside the office then release oxygen for a cleaner environment. Not only do office plants release oxygen, it also aids in removing harmful toxins called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air. These VOCs are caused by plastics, carpets, paints, cleaning agents, computers and furniture and can be more harmful in a room with poor ventilation and no indoor plants. These toxins and excessive carbon dioxide in an office environment has been connected to drowsiness and lowered concentration. Numerous studies have shown that indoor plants significantly reduce these air toxins and improve indoor air quality long term.

By trusting Prestigious Plantscapes with your office or commercial indoor plant hire, you can be guaranteed high quality clean air always.


Proven scientific psychological benefits of indoor plants


Humans have evolved for thousands of years in the natural world surrounded by green terrain, for that reason we are naturally inclined to feel better when we are surrounded by plants, trees and grass. In today’s urban world, a typical week sees us spending up to 90% of our time indoors, most of the population suffer from a phenomenon called ‘green deprivation’. A recent University of Technology Sydney Office Study* found that indoor plants led to an increase in staff productivity of up to 10%, and a reduction in incidences of illness and absences: Sick-leave reduced by 60% Coughing & wheezing reduced by 35% Dry eyes, nose, throat reduced by 20% Perceptions of pain reduced by 25%


*UTS Office Study, Dr Fraser Torpy, Faculty of Science, Plant and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group

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Indoor plants increases staff productivity

Work spaces that have absolutely no indoor plants see staff productivity at its lowest. Psychologist Dr. Chris Knight from Exeter University has established that by adding just a few live plants in an office environment, your employee’s productivity will increase by 15%.

Results from Dr. Chris Knight and his psychologist colleagues studies’ determined that even if just one plant per square meter is added, mental health benefits are evident such as increased employee productivity and an improved memory retention.

If you don’t have the budget to place indoor plants on every employee’s desk, consider adding certain plants like Bamboo Palm or Peace Lilies in communal places so everyone will be able to see them from their desk.

The scientific reason behind this is because employees that get the opportunity to interact with their environment on average perform better, reaching a greater output and staying engaged for much longer.

Indoor plants can help reduce stress and negativity

Our natural inclination to the environment means our mental health is boosted when we are near plants and wildlife. Integrating indoor plants into your work space has been scientifically proven to reduce psychological and physiological stress levels and overall improve mental health.

The horticultural therapy of plants that are introduced into the workplace has the following benefits:

anxiety reduced by 37%
office hostility reduced by 44%
chronic fatigue reduced by nearly 40%
reported depression reduced by 58%

Interior landscape plants can reduce incidences of sick leave

Indoor plants in your corporate or commercial space don’t only come with long-term benefits, it also has immediate benefits. One of these benefits that you’ll notice straight away is a reduction in sick days taken by employees.

As mentioned earlier, plants can filter out harmful toxins that can be found in the air quality of rooms. These toxins can be especially rampant when your office or commercial space has poor ventilation and as a result, employees can develop “sick building syndrome”.

This type of sickness can lead employees to symptoms of headaches, nausea, and difficulty concentrating. Plants offer a bit of relief from these physical health challenges, however indoor plants are not a quick fix to this peculiar office event.

Indoor plant hire can reduce the over consumption of energy

It has been found that when plants breathe, the humidity levels of the room are raised, and by adding enough indoor plants, the room temperature is lowered by up to 10°c. A study has proven that just one tree in good physical condition can cool a building to the equivalent of 20 air conditioners working for around 20 hours a day.

To get this same effect in your office or indoor commercial space, we can integrate some larger species of plants or indoor trees and therefore reduce the need to max out your office AC in the summer months.

Living plants are far superior to artificial plants

Indoor plant hire may be slightly more expensive to install initially, but maintained professionally, they will last up to 10 years. Buying artificial plants may be cheaper, but become dusty and typically last only around 2.5 – 5 years on average.

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