Free Installation for Small orders

Some indoor plant companies charge more than $1000 for plant installation. We know that when you’re making a small order, that’s a crazy expense! We offer free installation on orders of $300 or less.

30-Day Cancellations

The typical cancellation period in our industry is 90 days. We believe if you’re not happy with our service, you shouldn’t have to stay locked in.

Fast Response

We’ve been known to complete installations on the same day the proposal is signed! If you have a deadline, we’ll do our best to meet it.

Are you looking for a smart way to improve your employee’s productivity, motivation and general wellbeing…

…while saving money on the amount of sick leave taken each year?

Office plant hire

Surprisingly, studies have shown that having plants in your office environment can — as simple as it sounds — significantly increase employee performance and your overall profits.

Not only that, but having plants in your office can also increase your “kerb appeal” by making your office appear more prestigious and high-class.

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Our customer service wins awards!

Gold Award for Excellence in Customer Service, 2015 Australian Business Quality Awards

Plants Are Great For Your People

Happy desk worker with indoor plants on her desk

Recent research has shown that far beyond just the aesthetic benefit of plants in your office, plants significantly reduce upper respiratory problems. This is because plants filter the air, removing VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Plants actually filter poisons from all the synthetic products in your workplace. That means your employees and visiting clients will — according to a large body of research — experience less coughing, wheezing, dry eyes, and other detrimental health issues associated with low airflow. What’s more, potted indoor plants and plant green walls help insulate your building to reduce noise and moderate ambient temperature and humidity.

It makes your team members and your clients:

Plant hire benefits - Less sick

Less Sick

Plant hire benefits - More comfortable

More Comfortable

Plant hire benefits - Less stressed

Less Stressed

Plant hire benefits - More productive

More Productive – by up to 12%

And that can definitely improve your bottom line!
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Plants Are Great For Your Profits

The most obvious way that office plants increase your profits is — again, backed up by rigorous scientific research — through reduced sick leave and employee retention.

…but there are also other incidental savings you can reap by hiring plants.

Multiple studies have shown that office plants help create a stronger, more positive corporate image. Plants make your office appear more prestigious and tranquil, helping to draw in new customers whose value perception of you increases. That can only be a good thing for you, your company, and your bottom line.

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Indoor plants are good for your bottom line

Plants Are Great At Reducing Office Pollution

Happy lady with a plant on her desk

You may be surprised to know that some offices have indoor air quality 10x worse that the polluted air outside. This is often through no fault of your own. Some buildings can lock in the toxic chemicals and prevent them from escaping naturally.

This means your office may potentially contain high concentrations of toxins, moulds and bacteria, which can cause:

  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Fatigue
  • Poor concentration

Plants filter these toxins, providing a clean, safe environment for your employees.

Not only that, but you’re also playing your part in the wider environment, reducing your office’s carbon footprint.

How our Plantscapes work

No two offices are the same, and we respect that. Your office has it’s own unique features: lighting, temperature, décor and office culture.

That’s why we offer a fully comprehensive, FREE design service to determine WHICH of our broad range of plants will suit your office needs best. Our experienced team are experts at designing the right plantscaping solution for your corporate office, family owned business space, or next event.

We complete your plantscaping installation, and all ongoing maintenance, discreetly and efficiently so your plants will always look fresh and revitalised without you ever having to lift a finger.

We’re ready to tackle every plantscaping request our clients have, from major projects to smaller interiors.

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An indoor plant

The best indoor plant hire services in Brisbane

At Prestigious Plantscapes, our talented plantscape designers are passionate about the amazing benefits of installing plants in your office interiors. We’ve been creating striking plant displays and solving indoor environmental issues for decades — and we started doing it long before the concept of ‘greening’ offices became popular.

Over the years we’ve perfected our craft, delivering a comprehensive range of seamless office plant hire services that help Brisbane businesses take care of their staff, improve their bottom line, and draw in new customers. We’ve also collected reams of evidence in support of the transformative health benefits of interior plantscapes, which drives our commitment to protecting our people and our environment.

We believe we’re helping to change our world for the better with our interior plant hire services. Brisbane’s smartest businesses have been enjoying what we deliver through the benefits of an improved corporate image, healthier and happier workers, and bottom-line savings — all from

the measurable environmental advantages of having indoor plants. And they’ve been reaping these benefits all without the hassle of design, installation, or maintenance.

We’d love to share our skill and passion with you, and work together to create a greener, fresher image and environment for your Brisbane business.

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