4 Reasons Indoor Plant Hire Can Impact Your Workspace

Human beings aren’t built for being indoors: yet that’s where the vast majority of us find ourselves in almost every hour of the day. While our working spaces have evolved over hundreds and thousands of years from forests and fields to high-rises, our bodies haven’t adapted to being inside—and we’re even identifying new ailments like Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), where workers suffer from coughing and wheezing, headaches, sore eyes, nose and throat problems, and even loss of concentration and nausea.

If your business is suffering from high rates of sick leave, poor productivity, or stress and negative feelings among your employees, there’s a good chance that it’s because of the environment they’re working in. But there’s a surprisingly easy solution to this problem: indoor plants.If you’ve never thought of it before, there are a few good reasons why you should consider hiring indoor plants, they could be the key to transforming your workspace, & improving the daily operations of your business.



Reduce indoor air pollution

Working inside a building has been proven to cause a range of symptoms that can be categorically termed Sick Building Syndrome.

Your workers may be suffering from illnesses that affect their respiratory and digestive tracts, and cause sensory problems—so it’s no wonder that their productivity, and your bottom line, is affected.

This is particularly prevalent in city buildings, but any building has the potential to collect and trap pollutants.Even with air-conditioning, workers are subject to air pollution: air-conditioners will filter dust particles from the air, but they can’t handle gaseous pollutants, which enter and remain inside the building—and even interact chemically with pollutants from other compounds emitted from plastics, synthetics and solvents in the building’s furniture, equipment and fittings.

The good news is that it’s simple to counter the effects of this pollution: indoor plants have virtually limitless potential to remove carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and deliver cleaner air—and clearer thinking—to you and your employees.

And if that’s not enough of a reason to reduce your business’s indoor air pollution, it’ll also be easier to meet your workplace health and safety and environmental sustainability obligations: indoor plants contribute to meeting at least75% of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) criteria, by improving ventilation, buffering noise, absorbing toxic emissions, and even improving comfort and temperature control while reducing the need for energy consumption.


Reduce workplace illness

It’s no wonder that with all their exposure to pollution and a lack of fresh air that your employees are suffering from poor health. This is important for your business for two reasons: the human cost of prolonged illness, and the cost to your business in a loss of work time and productivity.It’s not always possible to take your workers outdoors. But you can bring the outside in,

where they can enjoy the health benefits of the natural environment, and improve the productivity and performance of your business. Indoor plants deliver real health benefits by removing volatile compounds from the air, reducing incidences of dry eyes, nose and throat, and respiratory infections and irritations that cause coughing and wheezing.
They also reduce employees’ perceptions of pain, stress and negativity, which impacts heavily on productivity and performance and causes stress-related illness and sick leave absences.

Removing the physical and psychological barriers to the wellbeing of your employees has tremendous benefits for them and your business—and it’s possible with just a little greenery.


Reduce stress and improve productivity

The native landscapes of humans have always been green and leafy, which is why we’re hard-wired for the outdoors and attracted to plants. Our health depends on exposure to plants, with which we have a symbiotic relationship: we live on each other’s breath. That’s why even just brief glimpses of greenery can relax your employees, improve their attention, reduce their fatigue, and reduce their stress and feelings of negativity.

The research on indoor plant use has delivered evidence of significant reductions in sick leave and clinical measures of stress. It also reports legitimate improvements in attention capacity, performance, and job satisfaction and working relationships among employees, which are essential in maintaining a positive and productive work environment and culture.

It even helps improve the test scores of children in schools, as well as reducing their absences. The best thing about it is that it’s so easy to contribute to the performance and wellbeing of your business and employees—even the smallest spaces in the building can be transformed into a green zone.



Enhance business image

One of the most significant benefits of indoor plant use is improving your business’s image, which might be the single most important factor in its success.

Plants support the psychological wellbeing of people, which is obviously good for their health. But it also influences their perception: there’s a growing body of evidence supporting the fact that plants enhance people’s sense that the business is trustworthy, welcoming, stable, well-managed, and caring of their staff and clients. This is particularly important for achieving good outcomes in health services: plant use in healthcare facilities has been shown to promote better post-surgical recovery in patients, more positive emotions in dementia patients in residential care, and more positive attitudes in rehabilitation patients.

This positive influence has the dual benefit of improving the wellbeing of these patients, as well as the performance outcomes for the facilities that their future business depends on.

Indoor plant use also enhances the image of the business through demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and health and safety. Besides reducing toxic emissions, improving ventilation, and buffering noise, indoor plants can help to stabilise the temperature and humidity. This can lower the need for temperature control devices with high levels of energy consumption, reducing your business’s carbon footprint and enhancing its image by promoting its environmental sustainability.

Whether it’s desk-top or vertical gardens, foyer displays, or custom-designed installations, Prestigious Plantscapes can transform your office interior into a lush and energising environment that your business and employees will thrive in.

Contact us anytime to see how we can improve your productivity and deliver the health benefits of greenery to your workplace, and we’ll be happy to help turn it into a breath of fresh air.

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