Airport Indoor Plant Hire & Maintenance Brisbane

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Whether you’re looking for airport indoor plant hire in Brisbane, need your airport plants maintained, or both; Prestigious Plantscapes are the team to call on.

We can take care of everything from the design and installation of your indoor plant displays throughout the airport and help with the ongoing maintenance of your plants. Our expert team is here to help you create a positive experience, relaxed mood and green appeal for your airport guests, which perfectly matches your aesthetic and design.

Our indoor plant hire service offering

Airport indoor plant Hire Brisbane

Our indoor plant hire, design and consultation services are all-encompassing. We can help you to design the ideal indoor plant installations, recommend the best options for your aesthetic from our broad range of plants that are ideal for indoor commercial spaces, and install your plants discretely and efficiently.

  • We work with interior designers, airport managers or directly
  • We’ll design the perfect indoor and outdoor installations for your plants
  • We offer discreet, fast and efficient plant hire installation services

Our wide range includes plants that add colour, add greenery, improve the air supply quality, do well under various lighting conditions, and can help control the direction of foot traffic.

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indoor plants inside airport terminal

Airport indoor plant Maintenance Brisbane

We can fully maintain your indoor plant hire installations within the airport. We have a team of interior plant maintenance experts that can keep your indoor plantscapes looking great with ongoing maintenance. This includes:

  • Watering, feeding and foliage cleaning
  • Removal of unwanted leaves, dead leaves and those who have lost colour
  • Replacement of plants as required
  • Inspection and treatment of a broad range of plant issues
  • Environmentally sound products that are safe for humans and the environment
  • Onsite advice and information as you need it
  • Ongoing maintenance that is discrete and keeps your plants looking their best, even with high traffic volumes.

Reach out to our friendly team, and discover for yourself what makes us the Airport indoor plant maintenance Brisbane specialists.


We have been using Prestigious Plantscapes for 20 years, and in our eyes, there’s really nothing they could improve on. They are friendly, clean, polite, and even always ask before entering. Most importantly, they really look after our plants throughout our offices, whether it’s watering, maintaining, and or replacing.

We could have used a closer supplier at our new factory 10 years ago, but we chose to continue using Prestigious Plantscapes at all our locations.

Multi-national Corporation with head office in Brisbane

Having indoor plants has been such a valuable addition to our work environment. They look great, they are healthy and clean, and they improve the surroundings. We have been very impressed with the care taken by the Prestigious Plantscape team in looking after each and every plant (and we have a lot!).

The staff are always very friendly, yet discreet, which is exactly what we need in our offices. We have been using them for approximately 15 years, and we will continue to recommend them.

Peter James - CEO, SU Queensland

What makes Prestigious Plantscapes the best?

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The best terms and no installation fee

We're the Airport indoor plant hire Brisbane specialists that don't charge any installation fee. We also allow 30-day cancellations!

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Your airport indoor plant hire, quicker

We provide a fast response! If you need airport indoor plant hire Brisbane or beyond, and need it organised and installed within quick timelines, you can count on our professional team to get the job done to a high quality.

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Decades of experience in indoor plants and maintenance

Prestigious Plantscapes are experienced Brisbane plant hire and maintenance experts. We have decades of experience in creating stunning plantscapes and green environments, right across Brisbane and surrounding areas, like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and other indoor and outdoor spaces near Brisbane.

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Our customer service is award-winning

The best way to know that you'll get a good experience working with someone is knowing they have received awards for just that! We are the proud holders of an Australian Business Quality Awards 'Gold Award' for Excellence in Customer Service.

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Hundreds of species available for hire

We have hundreds of plant species for hire that go great indoors. We have a huge variety of plants, and our range includes plants of all shapes and sizes.

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Why hire indoor plants for an airport?

Here's why indoor plants are good for an airport

Professionals sat on a sofa in an office with a living wall and indoor plants.

Improved experience

Plants can make an airport feel more welcoming and appealing to passengers. They can help to soften the sterile, industrial appearance of an airport and make it feel more like a natural environment. This, along with the ability plants have to lift the mood of a room, makes for an improved experience for all.

A row of leafy green indoor plants in a corporate setting

Calming effect

Research has shown that indoor plants can have a calming effect on people and help to reduce stress levels. This can be particularly important in a busy and sometimes stressful environment like an airport. A calming and peaceful environment with plenty to look at is particularly helpful around areas of the airport that require passengers to wait or queue up, like baggage drop and check-in areas.

plants in hotel reception lining a staircase

Naturally direct traffic

Airport indoor plants also have the benefit of naturally directing people to gather and wait in certain areas over others.

Indoor plants can be used to naturally:

  • Direct foot traffic through intended walkways
  • Entice people to stand and gather near visually pleasing gardens and green walls.
  • Act as a non-obtrusive barrier that separates two spaces.
Team of people sat around a table with indoor plants in the background


Indoor plants can help to absorb sound and reduce noise levels inside the airport. The foliage of indoor plants acts as a barrier to sound, absorbing some of the noise and reducing the volume of the airport overall. This can be especially important in areas where there is a lot of noise from people, machines, and announcements.

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Since the beginning of COVID-19, coughing and sneezing for any reason has become an event that makes people uneasy. This is particularly true for those who are travelling. However, the problem is that from cleaning products to the dry air of strong air conditioning, there are many environmental factors in airports that could trigger people to sneeze and cough more.

The great news is that airport indoor plants can help to improve the air quality within the terminal. Plants do this by removing pollutants and increasing oxygen levels.

This can be particularly important in busy airports, where there is a lot more foot traffic and air pollution from planes and vehicles.

open plan commercial space filled with people and indoor plants

The Airport Feels 'greener'

‘Green’ and sustainable practices are becoming more and more important to the general public in Australia (and globally).

Because of this, airports that are perceived as environmentally friendly may be more attractive to passengers who are environmentally conscious, which can provide a marketing advantage and increase overall satisfaction with the airport and its practices. Featuring a large amount of greenery, plant life, and other ‘green’ factors recommended by interior designers can go a long way towards how an airport is perceived by travellers.

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Here's why hiring indoor plants for an airport is ideal

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Hiring indoor plants for an airport allows for more flexibility in terms of plant selection and placement. Prestigious Plantscapes have a wide range of airport indoor plants for hire that you can choose from, and they are all well-suited for the airport environment.

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The ability to change it up

When you choose to go with airport indoor plant hire, as opposed to purchasing your own plants, you retain the ability to change up the layout, design, and plant selection whenever you need to refresh the look of a space. Whether it's changing the range of colours, adding green walls, or refreshing your plants to suit any changes to the interior design of the airport, when you opt for an indoor plant hire service over buying your own plants, you give yourself the versatility to change it up at a moment's notice.

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Leave the maintenance to us

We can take care of the whole maintenance process. Freeing up your team to focus on what they do best, and keeping your plant installations looking better for longer. No plant knowledge is needed - you can leave that all to us!

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Less commitment and more cost-effective

Hiring indoor plants for an airport can be a much more cost-effective option than purchasing and maintaining the plants in-house. When you hire plants through us at Prestigious Plantscapes, we take care of maintenance and replacement, which can save you big on labour and equipment costs. It's also much less of a commitment, as you can choose to change up the hire and switch to new plant varieties at any time.

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How to hire airport plants

Here’s our simple airport indoor plant hire process, which makes hiring your plants easy:

reception area indoor plant hire brisbane

Site visit

We’ll walk through the airport with you and your management team to discuss your vision and challenges in order to plan the perfect green space.

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We will create a tailored and detailed design that makes the most of your airport’s interior space and conditions.

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Plant installation

We offer professional plant installation services. Our expert team of professional plant installers, gardeners and landscapers can set up your displays discretely and with minimal disruption, and can supply everything you need.

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Excellent service

We’re proud to say that our service is so great that it’s won awards. We pay attention to details, and do our utmost to deliver above and beyond. We’ve helped many commercial, corporate and public clients across Brisbane and beyond.

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Ongoing airport plant Maintenance

We can take care of the ongoing maintenance of the indoor plants you hire from us. We’ll take care of the watering, pruning, and everything else the plants need.

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