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Shopping Centre indoor plant hire brisbane
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Creating unique & green shopping centre experiences

If you want your shoppers to have a unique shopping experience at your centre, you want to create green spaces that draw in people. That’s what plant hire and maintenance from Prestigious Plantscapes can do for you.

At Prestigious Plantscapes, we have decades of experience in creating green environments in shopping centres across Brisbane that are simply appealing. ‘Appeal’ is a simple guiding principle that makes us one of Brisbane’s premier shopping centre plant hire companies.

We have hundreds of species available for hire of all shapes and sizes that will not only complement the design of your shopping centre but will also inspire, captivate and impress your shopping public.

We also maintain your green spaces so they will look their best no matter what traffic pressure they have around them. Talk to us about how we can revitalise your shopping centre.

Why use Prestigious Plantscapes for the greening of your shopping centre?

We have been working with shopping centre management for decades and have seen consumer behaviour and expectations shift. Shoppers value space now more than ever, and in a world of online shopping, the pleasure of purchase is not enough to draw people to a shopping centre; they need a shopping experience in a welcoming space.

Captivating green space design can influence a shopper’s experience of a space. Prestigious Plantscapes can do this with a tailored and flexible greening solution with a wide variety of plant species for shopping centres in Brisbane.

Shopping Centre indoor plant hire brisbane

We have been using Prestigious Plantscapes for 20 years, and in our eyes, there’s really nothing they could improve on. They are friendly, clean, polite, and even always ask before entering. Most importantly, they really look after our plants throughout our offices, whether it’s watering, maintaining, and or replacing.

We could have used a closer supplier at our new factory 10 years ago, but we chose to continue using Prestigious Plantscapes at all our locations.

Multi-national Corporation with head office in Brisbane
Shopping Centre indoor plant hire brisbane

Having indoor plants has been such a valuable addition to our work environment. They look great, they are healthy and clean, and they improve the surroundings. We have been very impressed with the care taken by the Prestigious Plantscape team in looking after each and every plant (and we have a lot!).

The staff are always very friendly, yet discreet, which is exactly what we need in our offices. We have been using them for approximately 15 years, and we will continue to recommend them.

Peter James - CEO, SU Queensland

Here’s how it’s done...

mall indoor plant hire brisbane

Site visit

We’re the experts in green space and its impact, while you’re the experts in the customer’s experience in your shopping centre. So it’s only natural that the first step is to walk through the centre with you and your management team to discuss opportunities and challenges in the space.

What areas have the most natural light? Where are the heavy traffic areas? Where do people linger? Answering these questions is vital information for planning practical green space features.

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Tailored and detailed design

Once we have physical and retail layouts, light profiles and the movement behaviours of shoppers, we then work out a plan to take advantage of the lit environment while having the most significant impact on the shopping experience.

It’s no use creating a calming garden in spaces where people are on the move and leaving open areas bland where people linger. With our experience, we can identify how you can make the most of your space to influence the shopping experience.

Shopping Centre indoor plant hire brisbane

Professional installation

You don’t want to be a professional green thumb on top of your other responsibilities. So why not leave it to us?

When you have thousands of customers passing through your centre and a never-ending list of responsibilities as centre managers, the last thing you want to worry about is indoor plant hire and installation.

It would help if you had experience gardeners and indoor landscapers who could take care of everything for you. Our professional installers will make your garden look great and do it with minimal disruption to you and your customers.

Shopping Centre indoor plant hire brisbane

Exceptional customer service

We are always available for consultation and will keep you informed when we are onsite to install a green feature or do shopping centre indoor plant maintenance. That’s the difference between excellent customer service and others.

Our responsive and respectful customer service has helped us build beneficial long-term relationships with our shopping centre customers across Brisbane. Please read some of our testimonials from genuine customers.

The attention to detail and customer service makes us the premier service for shopping centre plant hire in Brisbane.

Shopping Centre indoor plant hire brisbane

The benefits of green space in Brisbane shopping centres

Shopping centres increasingly use natural light instead of artificial light in areas where shoppers congregate, such as a food court or around entrances of mega-retailers. This controlled environment with plenty of natural light is perfect for green space. Green space offers;

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Fresh appeal

Green space gives freshness and vitality to a shopping space. It’s mind-altering and can be a calming space for shoppers with strong emotional reactions to external stimuli. The greening of commercial space has been through rapid growth as online shopping has replaced the purely commercial motivations of shopping spaces. Now shopping centres have to be appealing as places people want to visit for more than just the positive purchasing experience.

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Manage traffic flow around the mall

When you want to manage traffic flow, you can use active techniques such as security personnel, locked doors, or barriers, or you could take the more passive method of creating spaces where people want to move to and linger.

For example, if you have a movie foyer in your centre, a green space outside the theatre would attract patrons to stand outside while waiting for the movie. It offers customers a more stress-free place to congregate and increases other retailers’ exposure.

When done right, green space can add much more value to customers’ experiences and retailers’ outcomes. And when you need green space in your shopping centre, contact the experts at Prestigious Planscapes.

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Repeat visits and varied experience

When you can update and change the greenspace in your shopping centre, it gives shoppers different experiences. Much like an expensive installation, a new green landscape can give your customers a wow factor that’s not easy to forget.

Want to know more? Then give us a call and see how we can help make your shopping centre stand out from the pack and provide a shopping experience that people repeatedly want.

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A local business with local knowledge

At Prestigious Plantscapes, we have access to hundreds of species of hardy indoor plants for hire that need low to medium light that is perfect for the shopping centre environment.

They also come in all shapes and sizes, so we can develop a design to complement any space.

Talk to us about what you want and the limitless possibilities we bring to create green space.