Artificial Plants Vs Real Plants: Which are Better for Your Office?

Spoiler Alert: the real plants come out on top!

The first thing that draws most people to adding plants to the office to brighten up the space is the aesthetic appeal.

Plants look great! They’re bright, green and add a sense of life to a place that’s often known for unnatural light, freezing air-conditioning and awkward silences. Adding something to the office that is the exact opposite of all those negatives can create a positive atmosphere.

The next option is to decide whether or not to use real of fake plants. Artificial plants come with a lot of perks – they’re much easier to maintain and you’ll get all the same benefits – right?

Maybe not…


The Pros & Cons of Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants: Pros

  1. Artificial plants require almost no maintenance at all. Apart from an occasional light dusting, they’re the epitome of set and forget. And in a busy office, do you really need something else on your to-do list every week?
  1. You’ll have almost the same amount of options when it comes to choosing artificial. There are so many different varieties available and they’re looking more realistic all the time. So the next time your clients come in for a meeting they’ll assume those plants are real, without having to touch them.
  1. Worrying about what kinds of plants will trigger allergies for your staff members isn’t a concern at all. Whatever choice you make isn’t going to offend anyone sensitive in the office.

Artificial Plants: Cons

  1. Artificial plants mean that you miss out on many of the benefits of real plants – and there are a lot of them! From helping your employees to focus and be more positive to improving air quality, there are so many benefits you just won’t get with artificial plants.
  1. They can be really hazardous – in case of fire, silk or synthetic plants will ignite easier and can cause much more damage than necessary.
  1. They’re actually harmful to the environment. Plants are always associated with a healthy environment and helping the planet. But artificial plants do the exact opposite. They’re made of fabrics that are manufactured in large factories with lots of toxic dyes and a high output of pollution.

Artificial plants obviously have some great benefits in that they’re easy to take care of and make your office look a lot more inviting. Unfortunately, though, that’s where the perks end. With artificial plants, you won’t be getting the intrinsic benefits of stress relief, purified air and increased concentration in your office.



The Pros & Cons of Real Plants

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of real plants and how they can improve your office space and team culture.

Real Plants: Pros

  1. Real plants in the office will purify the office air and absorb toxins. It’s hard to believe and sounds like magic, but it’s true. NASA has found that potted plants help to remove impurities from the air. Living in larger cities with more and more air-conditioning and chemicals in the air, you need all the help you can get in keeping your employees safe and healthy.
  1. There has been proven research that indoor plants relieve stress in the workplace. Studies have shown that plants create calm and restore wellbeing, reducing stress and even illness – so your employees can concentrate on what they do best and take fewer sick days.
  1. Indoor plants boost productivity! With your employee’s reduced stress and clearer air, memory retention and concentration can be boosted by as much as 20%. With this kind of boost, it’s no wonder that workers show improved productivity – and will add value to your bottom line.

Real Plants: Cons

  1. Watering and maintenance – of course, if you’re not opting for an indoor office plant hire service you’ll need to water your plants and make sure they’re getting enough light. Of course, there are many benefits to caring for plants and many people find gardening therapeutic.
  1. Getting established indoor potted plants that are large enough to make a visual impact in your office can be expensive. Even just one nice plant can cost upwards of $100 – and if you’re buying from somewhere cheap they’re often not the best quality.
  1. Nothing is more depressing on a Monday morning in the office than being greeted with a dying plant in the lobby. While thriving plants can increase positivity and reduce stress, it only makes sense that the opposite will cause your employees to feel flat and unmotivated.

These are just a few of the benefits of real plants – there are many more that you can explore at the Prestigious Plantscapes blog. While there are cons to real plants, all of these can be combated with an indoor plant hire service. There’s no need to maintain the growth of your plants yourself, it’s a much cheaper option to use an all-inclusive service so you can be sure that your plants will continue to thrive.


And the Winner Is…

Call us biased, but the plant type coming out on top is real plants! There are clear pros and cons to real and artificial plants – but if you want the real benefits of real plants without any of the hassle, the ultimate solution is an indoor plant hire service.

At Prestigious Plantscapes you’ll get individual design advice and recommendations from our team of design consultants and interior plant experts. We provide a complete solution including a tailored plantscape designed for your office with discreet installation and ongoing maintenance including watering, feeding, cleaning, pruning, replacement and pest control.

So you’ll get all the benefit without any interruption to your working schedule.


Contact the friendly team today for a free design consultation and we’ll be in touch within 12 business hours.

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